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Welcome. We are the Haarlem University of Applied Sciences, awaiting our launch summer of 2020. We educate the next generation of change-makers offering a modern-day approach to education that combines personalised learning in small groups, Bachelor and Masters programs focused on 21th-century skills and a campus life experience in an iconic historical building. We are steps away from the lively and student-friendly city center of Haarlem.

Joining forces

The founding partners, SRH-Gruppe and Global School for Entrepreneurship, have a long history in higher education and it’s innovation. They decided to join forces to launch this unique institute and educate the next generation of change-makers.

“We see education as a catalyst for change. Our vision is a world that is abundant, where we move beyond industrial ways and stop pulling resources from the earth. This vision requires a change of mindset and education. We aim to enable people to take responsibility for what they are doing and the way they operate. The ultimate goal is to create impact by shaping a future that you and I want to live in” – Thomas Blekman, Dean & Co-founder Global School for Entrepreneurship


The to be founded Haarlem University of Applied Sciences offers students personalised education in small groups within a diverse and inspiring campus environment. Students can currently apply to a selection of Bachelor and Master programmes varying from Climate Change Management, Business Psychology, Media & Communication Management to Computer Science/ Cyber Security and AI. A liberal arts programme will follow in the near future. The programmes are taught in English and cater to students who are internationally minded and have an interest in global challenges.

Climate Change Management & Engineering


Media & Communication Management

Computer science, Cyber Security & AI

Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Amsterdam)

Our unique approach

  1. Bachelor and Master programmes that prepare students for a rapidly changing future
  2. Knowledge and tools to help shape societies
  3. State of the art academic content that enables our students to learn by doing
  4. Affordable living space in an innovative and inspiring campus environment

The three pillars

All our programs are based on three pillars, each weaving in leading academic content with an Applied studies approach so that our students can apply their knowledge immediately.

Digital World


Circular Economy


In addition to teaching 600 students, our campus offers affordable living space to 250 students.

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